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attachment something that physically fastens one thing to another; tie; band. [1/6 definitions]
band2 to tie with a strip of material in order to identify or bind; put a band on. [1/4 definitions]
black tie the black bow tie worn on semiformal occasions with a dinner jacket or tuxedo. [1/2 definitions]
black-tie requiring semi-formal attire, esp., for the men, a black bow tie and dinner jacket or tuxedo.
bolo tie a cord worn around the neck as a tie, the ends of which are held together with an ornamental sliding clasp.
bride2 a loop or tie of thread that joins decorative patterns in embroidery or needlework.
bumpkin2 a pole or beam protruding from a ship's deck or hull used to tie down blocks and the like or to extend sails.
casting vote the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to break a tie, as in a legislative body.
cord to tie or bind with a cord or cords. [1/8 definitions]
dead heat a race that ends in a tie between two or more contestants.
deuce1 in tennis and other racket sports, a tie score that requires either side to win two successive points in order to win the game. [1/2 definitions]
dinner jacket a suit consisting of such a jacket and dark trousers, worn with a bow tie and usu. a cummerbund. [1/2 definitions]
dissolution the annulment or severance of a bond or tie, esp. a formal or contractual connection. [1/5 definitions]
draw a game or contest that ends in a tie. [1/19 definitions]
girth to tie or bind with a girth. [1/4 definitions]
hogtie to tie the four legs of (an animal) together. [1/2 definitions]
king post in carpentry, a supporting vertical post between the apex of a triangular truss and the horizontal tie beam. (Cf. queen post.)
knot1 to form into a knot, or to tie knots in. [1/14 definitions]
lace to draw or tie together by means of a cord or string passed through holes in opposing edges, as of a shoe or boot. [1/6 definitions]
lash2 to bind or tie down with a rope, cord, or chain.
leash to control, restrain, or tie with a leash or as if with a leash. [1/3 definitions]