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Addison's disease a disease caused by disturbance or failure of the adrenal glands, resulting in anemia, low blood pressure, weakness, and an abnormal brownish tinge to the skin.
ai2 a large three-toed sloth of Central and South America, whose coat has a greenish tinge from the algae that live in it.
blusher a cosmetic in cream or powder form, used to give a rosy tinge to the cheeks; rouge. [1/2 definitions]
green monkey any of several small, ground-dwelling West African monkeys whose gray hair has a greenish tinge.
royal blue a deep vivid blue color, often with a purple or red tinge.
tincture a slight or faint amount or appearance; trace or tinge. [2/5 definitions]
tint a hint or trace of a color; tinge. [1/6 definitions]
viridescent green, turning green, or having a greenish tinge.