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beat (informal) very tired; exhausted. [1/15 definitions]
burn out to become extremely tired. [1/2 definitions]
bushed (informal) very tired; worn out.
copula in grammar, a verb or other word that connects a subject and a predicate, such as "is" in "John is an engineer" and "seem" in "They seem tired"; linking verb. [1/3 definitions]
dependent clause a clause that is syntactically not a complete sentence and is used only with an independent clause where it has the function of a noun, adjective, or adverb, such as "when he arrived" in "He seemed tired when he arrived"; subordinate clause; relative clause.
done in (informal) extremely tired, physically or mentally; exhausted.
droop to feel tired or spiritless. [1/4 definitions]
exhausted extremely tired, having used up all or nearly all of one's energy.
footsore having feet that are sore or tired from walking or marching.
inexhaustible unable to be tired out; tireless. [1/2 definitions]
jade2 to make tired, listless, or worn-out, as through hard work or excessive exposure. [1/3 definitions]
logy tired and unenergetic; sluggish; lethargic.
overtired combined form of tired.
post horse a horse kept at a post house or inn for exchange with tired horses brought by mail couriers or stagecoaches or for hire to travelers.
run-down tired or exhausted. [1/4 definitions]
tucker2 (informal) to cause to become tired or fatigued; weary; exhaust (often fol. by out).
unwearied not weary, tired, or fatigued.
washed-out drained of energy; tired-looking; exhausted; pale. [1/2 definitions]
wayworn tired from traveling; travel-weary.
weary physically or mentally tired, esp. from exertion or strain; fatigued. [1/6 definitions]