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acey-deucy a form of backgammon that assigns a special value to a throw of a one or a two.
agreement an arrangement that determines a course of action to be followed by all parties to a transaction, or a document that describes this arrangement. [1/5 definitions]
amenable capable of or open to a test or judgment. [1/3 definitions]
annotation an explanatory or critical note added to a text; commentary. [1/2 definitions]
answering machine a device connected to a telephone that records an incoming message from a caller when the telephone is not answered.
Arab League a confederation of nations sharing a common Arabic language and culture, formed in 1945 to promote economic, military, and political cooperation among its members, and now grown to a total of twenty-one.
barbican a defensive tower at the entrance to a town or fortified castle.
belay in mountain climbing, to fasten (a rope) either to a person or to a thing offering a secure support. [1/6 definitions]
bicentennial pertaining to a two-hundred-year anniversary. [1/4 definitions]
bugle1 a horn similar to a trumpet or cornet, but usu. without keys or valves. [1/4 definitions]
complication an element or factor, often unexpected, that adds complexity to a thing or situation. [1/3 definitions]
cordless phone a telephone that consists of a battery-operated handset that communicates across short distances via radio waves to an electrically-powered unit that must be connected to a telephone line in order to function.
Creole (l.c.) a mixed language developed when two groups having different languages, after an extensive period of time and interaction, combine the vocabulary, grammar, and usage of the two languages into a third dialect in which one of the first is usu. dominant. [1/6 definitions]
crown prince the male heir to a throne.
crown princess a female heir to a throne. [1/2 definitions]
decoy something or someone used to lure, entice, or misdirect, as into danger or a trap, esp. an artificial bird or animal used to lure live birds or animals within gunshot or into a trap. [1/3 definitions]
dipteran of or pertaining to a two-winged insect; dipterous. [1/2 definitions]
ensnarl to draw into a tangle or intrigue; embroil.
entrain1 to load onto a train. [1/2 definitions]
essay to make a test of; subject to a trial. [1/4 definitions]
euphonium a brass wind instrument similar to a tuba but higher in pitch and mellower in tone.