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canine of or pertaining to the pointed teeth between the incisors and molars. [1/4 definitions]
concise short and to the point; saying much in a few words.
crackle to cause to become covered with fine cracks, even to the point of breaking. [1/9 definitions]
dal segno from the sign (used in music as a direction to return to the point so marked and repeat a passage).
distill to subject (a substance) to heat to the point of vaporization, and then to cooling to produce condensation. [1/5 definitions]
drench to sprinkle with or soak in a liquid to the point of saturation; wet. [1/3 definitions]
D.S. abbreviation of "dal segno," from the sign (used in music as a direction to return to the point so marked and repeat a passage).
engrossed involved or mentally engaged in something to the point of being unable to focus on anything else.
foible a sword blade's weaker part, from the middle to the point. [1/2 definitions]
forthright outspoken and to the point. [1/2 definitions]
grasping overly eager to obtain material goods, sometimes to the point of ruthlessness; greedy. [1/2 definitions]
lanky tall and thin to the point of awkwardness; rawboned.
nauseate to upset the stomach of (a person or animal), often to the point of causing vomiting; cause nausea in. [1/2 definitions]
orient to find the position of with respect to the points of the compass. [2/6 definitions]
orientation location or positioning, or a particular positioning, with respect to the points of the compass. [1/5 definitions]
overdo to bring to the point of exhaustion; wear out. [2/4 definitions]
overly to the point of excess; too.
oversimplify to simplify to the point of error or distortion.
peter (informal) to dwindle gradually to the point of stopping or disappearing altogether (usu. fol. by out).
scalding hot, as liquids, to the point of causing pain or burns. [1/2 definitions]
superpatriot a person who is or professes to be extremely patriotic, esp. to the point of excess or fanaticism.