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abide to tolerate (usu. used in negative construction). [1/6 definitions]
brook2 to tolerate.
countenance to allow, approve, or tolerate. [1/4 definitions]
discountenance to refuse to tolerate or support; disapprove. [1/2 definitions]
endure to put up with or tolerate. [1/4 definitions]
stand to tolerate; endure. [1/25 definitions]
stand for to tolerate. [1/2 definitions]
stomach tendency to like, desire, or tolerate. [2/6 definitions]
suffer to tolerate. [1/6 definitions]
sufferance the capacity to endure or tolerate pain, want, or the like; endurance. [1/2 definitions]
take to withstand; endure; tolerate. [1/36 definitions]
tolerant willing to tolerate the beliefs, characteristics, or acts of others. [1/2 definitions]