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anything any occurrence, thing, or topic, without restriction. [1/3 definitions]
apropos in connection with the topic just mentioned or under discussion. [1/4 definitions]
argument the main topic or theme, as of a written work. [1/5 definitions]
class a group of students meeting regularly to study the same topic. [1/8 definitions]
clinic a type of instruction, like a class, wherein a group of people meet to learn about a specialized topic. [1/4 definitions]
colloquium an academic seminar or series of lectures on a broad topic. [1/2 definitions]
critique a critical discussion of some topic. [1/3 definitions]
digress to stray from the main topic; ramble.
digression the act or result of straying from the main topic.
excursion diversion from the topic at hand; digression. [1/3 definitions]
excursive pertaining to, tending toward, or having the nature of a digression from the main topic.
gag rule a rule or law that restricts discussion of a particular topic, as in a legislative body.
go off on a tangent to switch suddenly from a main topic or course of action to another that is irrelevant.
-grapher one who writes or records in (such) a way or about (such) a topic.
hobbyhorse a fixed idea or favorite topic; obsession. [1/3 definitions]
literate having practical knowledge or skill within a (specified) area or concerning a (specified) topic. [1/6 definitions]
matter a topic of concern or interest; affair. [1/8 definitions]
one-track concerned exclusively with one idea, topic, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
pamphlet a short printed publication that is unbound or has a paper binding, often written to inform on some topic or to address a controversial public issue.
panel discussion a discussion before an audience of a specified topic by a group of speakers that have been selected in advance.
portal a website that serves as an entry point to the Web or a segment of the Web by offering a range of resources which may include a search engine, topic directories, discussion forums, email, and other services. [1/3 definitions]