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absolutist of or relating to government by total, unrestrained power. [1/3 definitions]
absorption total engagement of one's mind and attention. [1/2 definitions]
add to find the total of (often fol. by "up"). [2/6 definitions]
addition the mathematical procedure of finding the total of two or more numbers. [1/4 definitions]
all the total amount, extent, or number; every one. [2/12 definitions]
amount the sum of two or more quantities; total. [1/4 definitions]
amt. abbreviation of "amount," the sum of two or more quantities; total.
anuresis partial or total failure of the kidneys to produce and secrete urine, or blockage which inhibits normal urine excretion.
aphasia partial or total loss of the ability to use or to understand spoken or written language, usu. as a result of damage to the brain.
Arab League a confederation of nations sharing a common Arabic language and culture, formed in 1945 to promote economic, military, and political cooperation among its members, and now grown to a total of twenty-one.
armament (usu. pl.) the total military might of a country, including weapons and supplies. [1/4 definitions]
average the arithmetic mean gained by adding two or more quantities and then dividing by the total number of quantities. [2/9 definitions]
avg. abbreviation of "average," the arithmetic mean gained by adding two or more quantities and then dividing by the total number of quantities.
Bahai a modern Iranian religion that is based on a doctrine of universal brotherhood, the equality of the sexes, and total religious tolerance.
balance of trade the difference in value between a country's total imports and its total exports.
ballot the total number of votes cast in an election or in a round of votes. [1/6 definitions]
batting average a measure of a baseball player's batting ability computed by dividing the total number of base hits by the number of official times at bat. [1/2 definitions]
billing (often pl.) the total amount of business done, as by an advertising agency, in a specified period of time. [1/3 definitions]
birthrate the number of births in a specified place or group per unit of time, usu. expressed as a quantity per thousand of the total specified population.
blank unqualified; total. [1/12 definitions]
capacity the total measured amount that can be contained. [1/6 definitions]