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academician one who adheres to the traditional forms and methods of scholarship. [1/2 definitions]
academicism in the arts, rigid adherence to accepted and traditional forms.
acupuncture a traditional Chinese practice of pricking certain parts of the body with fine needles to relieve pain or cure disease. [1/2 definitions]
anti-hero a central character in a story, novel, or play who lacks traditional heroic qualities, such as high purpose or moral strength.
antitraditional combined form of traditional.
bonnet a traditional women's cloth hat with a brim and fastened beneath the chin with ribbons, now worn primarily by infants. [1/6 definitions]
Bunraku a traditional form of Japanese puppet theater, that uses large wooden puppets manipulated by visible puppeteers who are dressed in black.
clan among the Scottish Highlanders, a traditional basis of social organization, composed of a group of families claiming a common hereditary ancestor. [1/3 definitions]
conservatism a general preference for the traditional; disinclination to change. [1/2 definitions]
conservative preferring the traditional and resisting rapid change. [3/7 definitions]
conventional established by custom or usage; traditional. [1/3 definitions]
custom an accepted or traditional practice, either of an individual or a social group. [3/8 definitions]
distaff (old-fashioned) women as a whole, or the traditional sphere and concerns of women. [1/3 definitions]
essentialism the educational doctrine that certain traditional values and skills are necessary elements of society and should be taught to all students.
ethnobotany a branch of anthropology concerned with the cultural relationship between a people and their traditional use and management of plants.
folk denoting the artistic forms of a traditional, esp. rural, culture. [1/6 definitions]
folkway (often pl.) a pattern of life or mode of thought or action shared by a people as part of their traditional culture.
formalism rigorous adherence to or observance of traditional forms, as in religious practice or artistic expression.
free school a school that is an alternative to the traditional public and private schools, with a flexible approach to teaching.
iconoclast one who attacks and seeks to break down traditional beliefs and institutions or popular ideas and values. [1/2 definitions]
jack-o'-lantern a traditional Halloween lamp made from a pumpkin by removing the pulp, carving a face through the shell, and placing a candle in the bottom.