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bikeway a roadway or trail reserved for bicycle riding.
blaze2 a spot or mark on a tree, often made with paint, that usu. indicates a trail. [1/4 definitions]
bridle path a wide trail used for horseback riding, pack horses, or the like.
contrail a visible trail of moisture condensed into water drops or ice crystals, formed in the wake of a high-flying plane or rocket; vapor trail.
drag to trail behind or on the ground. [1/13 definitions]
draggle to trail or be dragged over the ground or through mud. [2/3 definitions]
gorp a mixture of raisins, nuts, dry cereal, and the like eaten as a high-energy snack; trail mix.
hare and hounds an outdoor game of pursuit in which one group sets off first, leaving a trail of paper scraps for the second group to follow.
red herring something intended to distract attention from the main issue; misleading clue or false trail. [1/2 definitions]
shadow to follow (a person) closely and secretly in order to watch; trail. [1/12 definitions]
ski to traverse (a trail, mountain, or the like) on skis. [1/5 definitions]
ski run a slope, trail, or course for skiing.
spoor the track, trail, or droppings of a wild animal.
tail something that resembles this appendage in position or form, such as a kite's tail, the luminous trail of a comet, or a fall of hair such as a ponytail. [1/13 definitions]
trace1 to follow the track or trail of. [1/11 definitions]
tracer a bullet or missile that leaves a trail of light or smoke when fired. [1/3 definitions]
track (usu. pl.) a mark or series of marks, often footprints, left on the ground by people, animals, or machines; trail. [3/9 definitions]
trailblazer one who marks or blazes a trail for those who will follow, as through a wilderness; pathfinder. [1/2 definitions]
trailless combined form of trail.
troll1 to trail (a fishing line or lure) behind a slowly moving boat. [1/4 definitions]
wake2 the trail or track left behind by something that has passed. [1/2 definitions]