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agreement an arrangement that determines a course of action to be followed by all parties to a transaction, or a document that describes this arrangement. [1/5 definitions]
bargain an agreement that contains the terms of a transaction or exchange. [3/6 definitions]
break even to emerge from a transaction without profits or losses.
deed a legal document that records an agreement or transaction, esp. concerning the ownership of property. [1/4 definitions]
double entry a common bookkeeping system in which each transaction is credited to one account and debited to another. (Cf. single entry.)
fail in commerce, a failure to deliver securities on time, or to receive proceeds from a transaction. [1/10 definitions]
foreign exchange international monetary transaction, as between governments or businesses of different countries. [1/2 definitions]
job lot a large quantity of assorted goods, usu. sold or handled as a single transaction. [1/2 definitions]
penny ante (informal) a business or a business transaction involving very small sums. [1/2 definitions]
proceeds the quantity of money derived from a sale, transaction, or other activity.
reentry legal repossesion under a right reserved in an earlier property transaction. [1/3 definitions]
single entry a system of bookkeeping in which each transaction is entered only once, either as a debit or a credit. (Cf. double entry.)
speculate to engage in a risky business transaction that promises the possibility of large profits. [1/5 definitions]
square deal (informal) a fair, honest arrangement or deal, esp. a commercial transaction.
stub a short section from which a check, receipt, ticket, or the like can be separated, on which a record of the transaction can be kept. [1/6 definitions]
trade-in a transaction involving such a trade. [2/4 definitions]
under-the-table of a transaction, done secretly and usu. illegally; under-the-counter.
unilateral involving action by, or consequences or obligations for, only one of two or more individuals, groups, or nations in an action, agreement, or transaction. [1/2 definitions]
warranty any of various types of guarantees as to the nature, validity, or truth of some element in a transaction. [1/3 definitions]