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airlift to transport in an airlift. [1/2 definitions]
B- in the U.S. military, a plane used to transport and drop bombs, such as a B-17 or B-52.
backpack to transport by means of a backpack. [1/3 definitions]
balloon such a bag with a basket or gondola connected to it, used to transport passengers or scientific equipment. [1/8 definitions]
barge to transport in a flat-bottomed boat that is pushed or towed. [1/4 definitions]
boat to place or transport in a boat. [1/4 definitions]
body bag a zippered bag, usu. rubber, used to transport a human corpse.
bomber a military plane used to transport and drop bombs. [1/2 definitions]
bucket the part of a steam shovel or other machine that is used to scoop up and transport material. [2/5 definitions]
bus1 to transport by bus. [1/3 definitions]
canalboat a long narrow vessel used to transport freight along canals and riverways.
canoe to transport in a canoe. [1/3 definitions]
carry to bear or support while moving; transport. [1/16 definitions]
carry away to cause an extreme reaction; transport; enrapture.
cart a heavy, two-wheeled, open vehicle drawn by horse, mule, or oxen and used to transport goods. [3/6 definitions]
chaise a four-wheeled coach used for rapid transport of mail and passengers in former times; post chaise. [1/3 definitions]
chute1 a sloped trough or channel down which things may slide in order to transport them. [1/4 definitions]
cotransport combined form of transport.
drive to transport or carry in a vehicle. [1/18 definitions]
export to send or transport abroad, usu. for sale or trade. [2/5 definitions]
express to send by rapid transport. [1/8 definitions]