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bent1 in construction, a transverse member or framework used to strengthen a structure. [1/5 definitions]
crosstie a transverse timber or rod used to support a longitudinal beam or rail. [1/2 definitions]
exterior angle any of the four angles formed outside of two parallel lines where they are intersected by a transverse line. (Cf. interior angle.) [1/2 definitions]
faille a woven fabric with shallow, transverse ribbing, made of silk or other soft material.
fife a small, high-pitched transverse flute, used mainly to accompany drums in military or marching music. [1/2 definitions]
main yard the lowest transverse spar or pole on the mainmast, used to set the mainsail on a sailing vessel.
mill1 to make a raised edge on or make transverse grooves in (a coin or other metal). [1/9 definitions]
thwart in or going in a crosswise direction; transverse. [1/5 definitions]
transversal in a crosswise position; transverse. [1/2 definitions]
traverse a crosspiece or other transverse line, structural member, embankment, or the like. [2/11 definitions]