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antonomasia the substitution of a proper name in place of a common name, as in calling a treacherous person "Judas". [1/2 definitions]
contrive to scheme or plot with treacherous intent. [1/5 definitions]
disloyalty the quality, or an instance or act, of being disloyal, treacherous, or traitorous.
double-dealing characterized by deception or duplicity; treacherous. [1/2 definitions]
duplicitous deceitful, treacherous, or double-dealing.
false disloyal or treacherous. [1/7 definitions]
foul play treacherous action, esp. violence against a person or persons.
perfidious purposely disloyal or treacherous; faithless.
reptilian low, contemptible, or treacherous. [1/3 definitions]
serpentine1 cunning and evasive; treacherous; untrustworthy. [1/2 definitions]
shenanigan (informal; often pl.) an amusing, mischievous, or treacherous prank or other action.
snake a person who acts in a treacherous way toward others. [1/6 definitions]
snake in the grass someone or something that seems harmless, but is actually treacherous.
snaky slyly treacherous. [1/4 definitions]
traitorous having the character or quality of a traitor; treacherous. [1/2 definitions]