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ballroom dancing dancing performed by couples to a variety of social dances, such as the waltz, tango, or fox trot.
canter a horse's gait between a trot and a gallop. [1/2 definitions]
dogtrot a slow, steady trot like that of a dog.
fox-trot to dance a fox trot.
gait any of the manners in which a horse goes forward, such as a trot or gallop. [1/3 definitions]
jog1 to ride (a horse) at a steady trot. [2/9 definitions]
lope of a horse or person, to trot or run gracefully and effortlessly with long steps, or to ride a horse at this gait. [1/3 definitions]
trot to lead, ride, or cause to move at a trot. [2/6 definitions]
two-step a ballroom dance, similar to a slow fox trot, in two-four time and characterized by long sliding steps. [1/2 definitions]