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beldam an old woman, esp. one who is ugly.
blot something undesirable or ugly. [1/8 definitions]
deform to spoil the appearance of; make unsightly or ugly. [1/4 definitions]
dwarf a magical character of legends, usu. portrayed as a small, ugly, and misshapen little man. [1/7 definitions]
goblin in folklore and fairy tales, a small, ugly creature that does evil or mischief to humans.
Gorgon (l.c.) any very ugly, repulsive, or horrifying woman. [1/2 definitions]
grotesque unnatural, distorted, or ugly in character or appearance. [1/4 definitions]
hag an ugly old woman, esp. one considered frightening or wicked. [1/2 definitions]
hideous exceptionally ugly or frightening in appearance; repulsive. [1/3 definitions]
hobgoblin an ugly, mischievous, or troublesome elf, sprite, or goblin. [1/2 definitions]
horrible very unpleasant, disagreeable, or ugly; disgusting. [1/2 definitions]
horror (informal) something thought to be ugly, or in poor taste. [1/5 definitions]
ill-favored unattractive in appearance; ugly. [1/2 definitions]
monster any creature with an ugly or frightening appearance. [1/6 definitions]
monstrous frighteningly hideous; frightfully ugly. [1/3 definitions]
ogre an ugly giant or monstrous person that eats people, esp. one in folk tales and children's stories. [1/2 definitions]
prettify to give a pretty, attractive, or pleasant appearance to (usu. something ugly or unpleasant). [1/2 definitions]
troll2 in Scandinavian folklore, an ugly manlike creature that lived in a cave or under a bridge.
uglify to make ugly.
unsightly unpleasant or disagreeable to look at; unattractive; ugly.
witch a woman considered to be old, ugly, and evil. [1/4 definitions]