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abstruse difficult to comprehend or understand; esoteric; arcane.
allegorize to perceive or understand in an abstract or symbolic sense. [1/3 definitions]
analysis careful scrutiny of constituent parts in order to thoroughly understand the whole. [1/4 definitions]
aphasia partial or total loss of the ability to use or to understand spoken or written language, usu. as a result of damage to the brain.
appreciate to understand and be very conscious of. [1/4 definitions]
apprehend to understand the meaning of, esp. immediately or without logical thought. [2/4 definitions]
a tough nut to crack a person who is hard to understand, know well, or convince. [1/2 definitions]
blind unwilling or unable to recognize or understand. [2/12 definitions]
blunt slow to understand; dull of perception; insensitive. [1/5 definitions]
cast pearls before swine to offer or provide something of value to persons who cannot understand or appreciate it.
catch to understand or comprehend. [1/18 definitions]
categorize to describe or understand by assigning to a category. [1/2 definitions]
come to grips with to understand the reality of; face openly. [1/2 definitions]
complex difficult to analyze or understand because of being complicated. [1/5 definitions]
complicated hard to understand; difficult to deal with. [1/2 definitions]
comprehend to understand or grasp the meaning of. [1/3 definitions]
cryptic difficult to understand; ambiguous or mysterious in meaning. [1/3 definitions]
deep obscure, hard to understand, or profound. [1/13 definitions]
dense difficult to understand because of complexity or volume of detail. [1/4 definitions]
difficult hard to accomplish or understand. [1/3 definitions]
dim not able to see or understand clearly. [1/9 definitions]