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air lock an airtight compartment in which the air pressure can be regulated, usu. situated between two areas that have different air pressures, as in underwater operations. [1/2 definitions]
Aqua-Lung trademark for an underwater breathing device similar to a scuba.
cablegram a telegraph message sent by underwater cable.
caisson a watertight chamber used in constructing or repairing underwater structures. [1/2 definitions]
crib a heavy underwater framework for supporting a structure such as a pier, dock, boathouse, or the like. [1/12 definitions]
diving bell a large metal chamber used for underwater work and supplied with air under pressure equal to that of the surrounding water.
diving suit any of various outfits worn by underwater divers, esp. a heavy, sealed garment with a detachable helmet that supplies pumped air.
fin a rubber flipper worn by an underwater swimmer. [1/8 definitions]
flipper one of a pair of flat, triangular, flexible foot coverings resembling a frog's foot and used for swimming or underwater diving. (See fin.) [1/2 definitions]
frogman a swimmer equipped to work underwater, esp. one engaged in demolition of enemy ships in wartime.
gribble any of several small saltwater crustaceans that bore into wood underwater, often causing great damage.
ledge an underwater reef or ridge. [1/3 definitions]
minelayer a naval vessel designed to lay explosive underwater mines.
minesweeper a naval vessel used for destroying, removing, or deactivating underwater enemy mines.
sandhog one who does excavation work in sandy, wet conditions, esp. a laborer working on the construction of an underwater tunnel.
scuba a portable apparatus for underwater breathing, carried on the back (acronym for "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus"). [1/2 definitions]
scuba diving the act of swimming underwater wearing scuba gear, as for recreation or scientific investigation.
Sealab one of a number of exploratory underwater laboratories, developed by the U.S. Navy, where research in oceanography and marine biology is conducted.
skin diving swimming in which the swimmer is equipped to move about quickly and easily underwater, as with flippers, face mask, scuba equipment, or the like.
sonar a method for locating objects such as submarines underwater by means of transmitted and reflected sound waves (acronym for "sound navigation and ranging"). [1/2 definitions]
sonic depth finder an instrument that uses sonar to measure underwater depths.