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disparity the condition or an instance of being unlike, unequal, or of different kinds; difference.
inequality the condition of being unequal, esp. in natural endowments or social or economic status. [3/5 definitions]
monoclinic of or designating a system of crystal formation in which three crystal axes of unequal length intersect, two at right angles and one obliquely.
rhomboid a parallelogram in which the opposite sides are equal, the adjacent sides are unequal, and the angles are oblique. [1/2 definitions]
scalene of a triangle, having sides of unequal lengths.
social hierarchy a tiered social structure that is the outcome of unequal distribution of and access to power, resources, and rewards in a particular society or social group.
steelyard a balance or scale, consisting of two unequal arms, in which the object to be weighed is suspended from the shorter arm and its weight determined by a movable counterpoise that slides along the graduated longer arm.
triclinic of or designating a system of crystallization in which three unequal axes intersect at oblique angles.
unlike not alike or equal; different; unequal. [1/3 definitions]