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character unique charm or distinction. [1/7 definitions]
characterization a representation or portrayal of a person's unique qualities. [1/3 definitions]
character sketch a dramatic portrayal of a unique character or role. [1/2 definitions]
hypostasis in Christian theology, the singular, unique nature of God, the equal divinity of each person of the Trinity, and the incorporation of the fullness of God and man in the person of Jesus Christ. [1/4 definitions]
I Ching an ancient Chinese book of divination that employs chance and is based on the idea that each moment in time is unique for each person; Book of Changes.
identity the unique and entire set of characteristics that make up what a person or thing is known or considered to be. [1/4 definitions]
idiolect the language spoken by an individual, considered as a unique pattern. (Cf. dialect.)
idiom the unique grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of a particular language, dialect, or regional style. [1/4 definitions]
idiomatic having a unique style or manner, esp. in art or literature. [1/4 definitions]
individual different from the norm; untypical; unique. [1/5 definitions]
individualize to make distinct, unique, or suited to a particular person or thing. [1/2 definitions]
Internet protocol address a unique numeric address assigned to an individual computer or other device in a network, used to route data to a destination; IP address.
legend a person whose extraordinary accomplishments or unique personality makes him or her remarkable and an inspiration for popular stories. [1/4 definitions]
monotype in biology, a single species that is the unique representative of its gender, family, or higher taxonomic classification.
monotypic of a biological species, being the unique representative of one's gender, family, or higher taxonomic classification.
nonunique combined form of unique.
one of a kind something or someone with unique, usu. admirable, qualities.
original a unique person or thing; one of a kind. [1/7 definitions]
originality a thing that is original or unique; novelty. [1/3 definitions]
originally in an original or unique fashion. [1/3 definitions]
peculiar distinct or unique. [1/3 definitions]