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ace in the hole a resource that remains unrevealed or unused until a particular opportunity arises.
brand-new in an unused, fresh condition; completely new. [1/2 definitions]
cocoon any of several coverings made to protect something, such as certain plastic films sprayed on unused machinery. [1/2 definitions]
leftover a remainder or unused portion, esp. of food left uneaten after a meal. [2 definitions]
mint2 new and unused, or undamaged. [1/5 definitions]
musty old, outdated, or long unused. [1/2 definitions]
new unused. [1/9 definitions]
on the shelf inactive or unused; put aside; reserved for future use or consideration.
stranger someone who is unacquainted with or unused to something (usu. fol. by to). [1/4 definitions]
waste unused or unusable matter discarded during a particular process. [1/18 definitions]