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A horizon the uppermost layer of soil in a geological soil profile; topsoil.
anklebone the uppermost bone in the ankle; talus.
apex the uppermost point; tip; summit; vertex. [1/2 definitions]
capital2 in architecture, the uppermost part of a column or pillar.
ceiling the uppermost limit. [1/3 definitions]
cornice in architecture, the uppermost, triangular part of a classical entablature. [1/4 definitions]
height the peak or uppermost point. [1/5 definitions]
ilium the broad, flat, uppermost section of the three parts of the pelvic bone.
loft the uppermost floor of a warehouse, factory, or the like, usu. a large unpartitioned space. [1/7 definitions]
on top at the highest point (of something), or on the uppermost surface (esp. of something that is tall). [1/3 definitions]
panpipe a primitive musical instrument made of a series of reeds or pipes of graduated lengths bound together, that is played by blowing across the open uppermost ends.
sky the uppermost level or degree. [1/4 definitions]
skysail the uppermost sail on the mainmast of a square-rigged ship.
soil1 the uppermost layer of the earth's surface. [1/4 definitions]
sprit a pole that extends diagonally from the base of a mast to the uppermost corner of a fore-and-aft sail.
top1 the uppermost area, point, or surface. [1/15 definitions]
topsail the uppermost sail, or either of a pair of upper sails, on a ship mast.
upmost (informal) uppermost.