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admonish to exhort, urge, or remind, as of a duty. [1/3 definitions]
advocate to urge support or acceptance of. [1/3 definitions]
build a fire under (informal) to urge to action, speed, or the like.
caution to give a warning to or urge prudence upon. [1/5 definitions]
desire sexual urge. [1/6 definitions]
encourage to enthusiastically advise (someone) to pursue a course of action; urge. [1/4 definitions]
exhort to advise, urge, or incite with great seriousness. [1/2 definitions]
goad a rod with a pointed or electric tip, used to urge cattle or other animals to move; prod. [1/4 definitions]
goose (slang) a sudden playful poke between the buttocks, as if to urge to action. [2/6 definitions]
hallo used to urge hunting dogs forward in a hunt. [2/6 definitions]
halloo to urge on (hounds, esp. in fox hunting) by shouting "halloo". [2/3 definitions]
ho used to attract attention, or used to urge movement in a particular direction. [1/2 definitions]
hurry to cause or urge (someone) to move or act quickly. [2/4 definitions]
mush2 used to urge sled dogs forward. [1/2 definitions]
preach to advocate publicly; urge others to adopt or accept. [1/4 definitions]
press1 to urge in such a way as to make uncomfortable. [1/16 definitions]
prompt to urge or incite to act. [1/7 definitions]
push to forcefully urge toward a particular action or way of thinking. [2/13 definitions]
sex the urge or instinct to engage in sexual activity. [1/6 definitions]
shoo to urge (a person or animal) to leave; drive away. [1/2 definitions]
sic1 to urge (a dog) to attack or set upon another animal or person. [1/2 definitions]