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acacia any of several tropical trees of the mimosa family, some of which produce the commercially useful gum arabic. [1/2 definitions]
all-purpose useful for many purposes; versatile.
almanac a published collection of interesting and useful facts about many different subjects. [2/3 definitions]
asset a useful or desirable quality or thing. [2/3 definitions]
avail to be useful or profitable to; be of value to. [2/3 definitions]
better more useful or advantageous. [1/14 definitions]
businesslike having qualities useful in business; serious; efficient; systematic.
contact a person considered useful or valuable as a means of gaining favor, getting specialized information, or of exerting influence; connection. [1/8 definitions]
destructive distillation the heating of a substance such as wood or coal with minimal exposure to air, to produce useful byproducts.
diagnostic used or useful in diagnosing. [1/3 definitions]
dopesheet (informal) any useful bulletin or similar printed source of information. [1/2 definitions]
dumpster diving (slang) in North America, the practice of rummaging through trash to find useful items that have been discarded.
expendable not able to be used, kept, or maintained; not useful. [1/4 definitions]
flipper a wide, flat limb useful for swimming, as on a whale or turtle. [1/2 definitions]
general-purpose having many uses; useful in a general way.
handy useful or convenient. [1/3 definitions]
hickory any of a number of deciduous trees of the walnut family, found mostly in North America and in some varieties producing edible nuts and commercially useful wood. [1/2 definitions]
impractical not useful or wise to put into practice; not workable. [1/2 definitions]
interface clear or useful communication or interaction. [1/7 definitions]
lifetime the predicted or typical duration of useful function, as of a product. [1/3 definitions]
made-to-order exceptionally fitting, suitable, useful, or desirable. [1/2 definitions]