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aberrant straying from what is normal or usual; atypical; anomalous. [1/2 definitions]
abnormal different from the normal or usual; not typical. (Cf. irregular.)
afternoons in or during any, every, or a usual afternoon.
anomaly an act or instance of differing from the usual pattern, form, or type; peculiarity; abnormality. [1/2 definitions]
anti-novel a novel-like work which does not have the usual characteristics of a novel, esp. regarding plot.
average a usual amount or kind; that which is not extreme or extraordinary. [2/9 definitions]
backward in reverse order; in a way that is the opposite of that which is usual. [2/8 definitions]
bare lacking the usual accessories or contents. [1/6 definitions]
barrel-chested having a deeper, thicker chest than usual for one's height or weight.
bedtime the usual time when one goes to bed.
be oneself to be in one's usual state of health or mind. [1/2 definitions]
bundle to make (someone) leave quickly or without the usual formalities (usu. fol. by "off," "out," or the like). [2/6 definitions]
change a thing that is different from the usual. [1/18 definitions]
curious different from the usual and therefore interesting; odd. [1/3 definitions]
customary done or practiced according to custom or tradition; usual. [1/3 definitions]
derange to upset the usual functioning or operation of. [1/3 definitions]
discount house a store that regularly sells merchandise for less than the usual retail prices; discount store.
dwarf a much smaller than usual plant or animal. [2/7 definitions]
early ahead of or before the usual or expected time. [2/10 definitions]
erratic deviating from that which is usual or accepted; eccentric. [1/4 definitions]
extra more than is expected or usual. [2/7 definitions]