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bleat to produce an utterance in the manner of a bleat; whine. [1/4 definitions]
charm an action or utterance whose performance is believed to have magical effects; spell. [1/11 definitions]
chorus a speech or other utterance made by a number of people at the same time. [1/6 definitions]
exclamation the act of exclaiming; an abrupt or vehement utterance. [1/2 definitions]
exuberance an exuberant act or utterance. [1/2 definitions]
fatuity a stupid or foolish act, gesture, utterance, or attitude. [1/2 definitions]
filth something that is thought to be immoral or obscene, such as a movie, book, painting, or utterance. [1/3 definitions]
forbear to keep or abstain from (an action or utterance); forgo. [1/3 definitions]
gallantry a gallant action or utterance. [1/3 definitions]
growl any surly, irritated utterance. [1/6 definitions]
gulp to suppress (an utterance) by or as if by swallowing. [1/5 definitions]
impertinence a rude or insolent act or utterance. [1/3 definitions]
informality an informal act or utterance. [1/2 definitions]
irreverence lack of reverence or respect, or an act or utterance that displays this lack.
jest a humorous utterance or action; joke. [1/6 definitions]
let rip to unleash without restraint, as utterance or activity.
mood2 in grammar, a kind of verb inflection that indicates the way in which the speaker intends an utterance to be understood, whether as a wish or supposition, a demand, or a fact; mode.
mumble a low and indistinct utterance. [1/3 definitions]
mutter a low-voiced grumbling or unclear utterance. [1/4 definitions]
naiveté an instance of being naive; a naive act or utterance. [1/2 definitions]
no1 a negative utterance. [1/7 definitions]