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accept to regard as valid or correct. [1/6 definitions]
admit to accept or allow as valid; concede. [1/4 definitions]
a leg to stand on a valid or convincing basis for a point of view.
authentic real, genuine, or valid. [1/2 definitions]
behaviorism in psychology, the doctrine that observable behavior, rather than mental events or consciousness, gives the only valid evidence for study, and that environmental influences predominate in human psychological development.
binder a temporary, legally valid agreement to purchase insurance, property, or the like, usu. involving partial payment. [1/4 definitions]
buy (informal) to accept as valid; believe. [1/7 definitions]
credence acceptance (of a statement or the like) as valid or true. [1/2 definitions]
currency any money in circulation as a valid means of trade or exchange. [1/2 definitions]
establish to determine or prove to the satisfaction of others; show to be true or valid. [1/3 definitions]
hold1 to remain valid. [1/18 definitions]
hold water to be logical, believable, or valid.
honor to accept as valid. [1/12 definitions]
imperfect in law, not valid or enforceable. [1/5 definitions]
incompatible not simultaneously valid; inconsistent. [1/6 definitions]
invalid2 without legal or factual force or effect; not valid; void. [1/2 definitions]
justify to demonstrate (something) to be true or valid. [1/4 definitions]
legitimate valid, justified, or deserved. [1/6 definitions]
nonvalid combined form of valid.
power of attorney a formal, legally valid document that authorizes one person or party to act on behalf of another.
probate the legal establishing of a will as authentic, valid, and binding. [1/3 definitions]