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adsorption the condensation or adhesion of a gas, vapor, liquid, or dissolved substance on the surface of a solid or liquid. (Cf. absorption.)
air lock an obstruction, as in a pipe, caused by a bubble or pocket of trapped air or vapor. [1/2 definitions]
boiling point the temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid equals atmospheric pressure and the liquid boils. [1/2 definitions]
contrail a visible trail of moisture condensed into water drops or ice crystals, formed in the wake of a high-flying plane or rocket; vapor trail.
dew point the temperature at which water vapor in the air starts to condense into liquid.
discharge tube a device that produces light by means of an electric current discharged in gas or vapor.
distillation the process of heating a substance to produce a vapor, which is then cooled and condensed, in order to purify, concentrate, or extract components from the substance. [1/2 definitions]
effluvium an outflow of usu. invisible, foul-smelling vapor or gas.
evanesce to disappear like a vapor; vanish into nothing.
evanescent tending to disappear like vapor; vanishing; fleeting.
evaporate to turn from liquid into vapor; pass away in the form of vapor. [2/5 definitions]
exhale to breathe out; emit breath or vapor. [4 definitions]
flame the ignited gas and vapor that rises from a burning object and is visible as brightly colored, wavering light. [1/9 definitions]
fluorescent lamp a glass tube with a fluorescent coating on the inside that gives off light when the mercury vapor in the tube is bombarded with a stream of electrons.
frost a light, white covering of dew or water vapor frozen into ice crystals. [1/9 definitions]
fume (often pl.) a vapor, smoke, odor, or the like, esp. one that is disagreeable or unhealthful. [3/6 definitions]
humid having a relatively high amount of moisture or water vapor; damp.
humidity the amount of water vapor in the air, relative to the greatest amount possible at a given temperature; relative humidity. [1/2 definitions]
hydrosphere collectively, all bodies and forms of water on or around the earth's surface, including vapor and clouds in the atmosphere.
inhalator an apparatus that helps one to inhale oxygen, medicine, or the like by producing a vapor or vaporizing the substance to be inhaled.
inhaler an apparatus that helps in inhaling medicinal vapor, oxygen, or the like; inhalator; respirator. [1/2 definitions]