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asparagus a tall branching plant related to the lily, whose young shoots are cultivated and eaten as a vegetable.
aubergine (chiefly British) a plant cultivated for its fruit, or the dark purple, ovoid fruit itself, which is eaten as a vegetable; an eggplant. [1/2 definitions]
biodiesel a low-polluting type of diesel fuel made from renewable, organically-derived oils such as vegetable oils or waste animal fats.
bok choy the leaves of this plant, used in salads or as a cooked vegetable. [1/2 definitions]
broad bean a plant of the pea family that bears flat seeds that are used as a vegetable or an animal feed; fava bean.
cabbage a vegetable with large green or purple leaves that overlap tightly to form a round head. [1/3 definitions]
cauliflower a cultivated vegetable related to cabbage that bears a large, dense head of edible, crunchy, usu. white flowers.
chard a variety of cultivated beet having large leafstalks and leaves, which are used as a vegetable.
choline a vitamin of the vitamin B complex, found in most animal and vegetable foods.
courgette (chiefly British) a cucumber-shaped vegetable with a smooth, dark green rind; a zucchini.
cowpea the edible pealike seed of this plant, used as a vegetable; black-eyed pea. [1/2 definitions]
crystalloid a crystallizable substance that dissolves in liquid and passes easily through animal and vegetable membranes. [1/3 definitions]
dolma a dish consisting of a vegetable such as a green pepper or grape or cabbage leaf, stuffed with rice, ground meat, and spices, and cooked.
eggplant a plant cultivated for its fruit, or the dark purple, ovoid fruit itself, which is eaten as a vegetable.
fatty acid any of a large class of acids, such as palmitic, stearic, and oleic, that occur naturally in animal and vegetable fats and oils.
fixed oil a nonvolatile oil obtained from animal or vegetable sources, such as lard or olive oil.
flesh the soft, usu. edible part beneath the skin of a fruit or vegetable. [1/9 definitions]
inositol a hydrocarbon alcohol essential for metabolism, sometimes considered a vitamin of the vitamin B complex and found in most animal and vegetable foods.
Jerusalem artichoke a North American sunflower with yellow, rayed flowers and tuberous roots that are eaten as a vegetable. [1/2 definitions]
kale a variety of the cabbage plant having loose wrinkled and curled leaves, or the leaves of this plant used as a vegetable.
maize (chiefly British) a tall cereal plant that produces cylinder-shaped ears with rows of edible yellow or white seeds that can be eaten as a vegetable; corn. [1/3 definitions]