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c2 abbreviation of "velocity of light."
decelerate to lower the speed of; decrease in velocity; slow down.
inertia in physics, the tendency of a motionless body to remain still or of a body in motion to continue at a constant velocity along a straight line unless subjected to some external force. [1/2 definitions]
jet propulsion propulsion of aircraft and some small ships that results from the high-velocity expulsion of compressed outside air and hot exhaust gases through a jet nozzle.
jet stream a high-velocity, generally westerly wind in the upper troposphere. [1/2 definitions]
M-16 the basic U.S. military rifle used in the Vietnam War, which is fully automatic and uses small-caliber, high-velocity ammunition.
meter3 any of numerous devices designed to automatically register or regulate time, distance, velocity, quantity, or degree. [1/2 definitions]
momentum in physics, a quantity that characterizes the motion of a body, equal to its mass multiplied by its velocity. [1/2 definitions]
per second per second a unit that expresses the rate of change of a rate of change, such as acceleration, which is the rate of change of velocity.
radar a means of discovering the position, range, and velocity of distant objects by timing the return of high frequency radio waves bounced off their surfaces and analyzing the direction of this return. [1/2 definitions]
relativistic in physics, having a value, as of mass, that differs with velocity. [1/2 definitions]
sound barrier a hypothetical barrier to aircraft as they approach the speed of sound, suggested by the abrupt increase in aerodynamic drag near that velocity; sonic barrier.
turbulent flow the motion of a liquid characterized by random fluctuations in velocity and pressure.
v2 abbreviation of "velocity," rate of speed or motion.
venturi tube a short tube with a constricted section at the center that lowers the pressure and increases the velocity of fluid flowing through the tube, used to measure fluid flow.
windchill factor the temperature felt by the body that represents a combination of the temperature of the air and the velocity of the wind.