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adventure to risk losing; gamble, venture. [1/5 definitions]
embark to involve or invest in a venture. [2/4 definitions]
enterprise an undertaking, esp. one characterized by complexity, risk, or wide scope; venture. [1/3 definitions]
far be it from me I would not dare or venture.
flier (informal) a risky venture or attempt, esp. in business or finance. [1/4 definitions]
foray a new venture. [1/3 definitions]
Godspeed good fortune and success (used as a wish to a person beginning a journey, venture, or the like).
grubstake tools and provisions advanced to a person planning a mining operation or similar venture, in exchange for a share of the expected profits. [1/2 definitions]
hazard to put forth at some risk; venture. [1/6 definitions]
inaugural marking or celebrating the beginning of something, such as a publication or new venture. [1/4 definitions]
launch1 to start, as a new venture. [1/6 definitions]
long shot any attempt or venture that has only a small chance of success but will offer great rewards if it does succeed. [1/3 definitions]
pretend to venture or put forward a claim, often undeservingly (often fol. by to). [1/6 definitions]
promoter one who organizes financing and publicity for a business venture or company. [1/2 definitions]
send-off (informal) a show of encouragement and affection for a person starting a new venture, going on a trip, or the like.
sink to place (money) in a venture; invest. [1/11 definitions]
speculation a risky business venture or investment that offers the possibility of high profit. [1/4 definitions]
venture capital funds invested by owners or stockholders in a new business venture that usu. involves high risk.