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American Revised Version see American Standard Version.
American Standard Version an American revision of the King James Version of the Bible, taken primarily from the earlier Revised Version and published in 1901; American Revised Version.
auction bridge a version of bridge in which players bid for the right to specify which suit will be trump, any extra tricks won beyond the contract being scored toward a game.
bantam (often cap.) a member of a small-sized breed of chicken, sometimes the miniature version of a larger breed. [1/3 definitions]
Basic English a copyrighted, simplified version of the English language, limited to 850 necessary words and a few grammatical rules, and used esp. as an international communication aid.
conference committee in the U.S. Congress, a temporary panel assembled from members of both the Senate and House of Representatives to resolve differences between two versions of a particular bill and create a compromise version.
corrupt to make alterations, usu. errors, in the original or correct version of (a text, language, or the like). [1/11 definitions]
downsize to design and manufacture a smaller version of (a popular product, esp. a car). [1/3 definitions]
draft to make a preliminary sketch or version of; outline. [2/16 definitions]
dramatization a version of a story, event, novel, or the like that is made to take the form of a drama. [1/2 definitions]
draw poker a version of poker in which players may discard and draw replacements for a specified maximum number of cards in their original hands after initial bets are made.
enlargement anything, esp. a photograph, that is a larger version of something. [1/3 definitions]
film to make a film version of. [1/11 definitions]
fortepiano an eighteenth-century version of the pianoforte, having a smaller keyboard and more delicate sound.
King James Version the English version of the Bible published in 1611 under the authorization of King James I; Authorized Version.
miniature golf a scaled-down version of golf played on a small, usu. carpeted course featuring different obstacles through which one must putt the ball.
pretzel a larger, softer, heavier version of this biscuit. [1/2 definitions]
Psalter (sometimes l.c.) a book containing the Old Testament Psalms, or a version of or selection from the Psalms, for use in religious worship.
revive to present a modern version of (a theatrical work). [1/9 definitions]
rough draft a rough or preliminary sketch of a piece of writing, or a version still subject to revision.
serum albumin the commercial version of this protein, derived from ox blood and used in the treatment of shock, in fabric printing, and in foods. [1/2 definitions]