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barbarity cruel or vicious behavior. [1/3 definitions]
butcher someone who has committed many, or extremely vicious, murders. [1/6 definitions]
cheap shot an unnecessarily vicious remark or action against someone who has no ready defense. [1/2 definitions]
dogfight any violent or vicious conflict, esp. an air battle between fighter planes. [1/4 definitions]
fierce dangerously wild, hostile, or vicious; ferocious. [1/4 definitions]
meanly in a base or vicious manner. [1/2 definitions]
meanness the state or characteristic of being vicious or inhumane. [1/2 definitions]
poisonous full of malice; vicious; venomous. [1/3 definitions]
rogue a vicious animal that has been isolated from the herd, esp. a solitary elephant of that disposition. [1/6 definitions]
savage a cruel, vicious, or ferocious person. [1/9 definitions]
snarl1 of a dog or other animal, to growl in a threatening or vicious way, esp. with bared teeth. [2/5 definitions]
Sodom any place that is considered to be vicious and corrupt. [1/2 definitions]
tar and feather to punish with vicious criticism. [1/2 definitions]