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align to bring (oneself) into agreement, usu. with a viewpoint; to ally. [1/6 definitions]
astigmatism a warped or blurred viewpoint; faulty judgment. [1/2 definitions]
editorial an article or commentary, as in a newspaper or on television, that expresses an opinion or viewpoint. [2/3 definitions]
indoctrinate to cause to accept a particular doctrine or viewpoint. [1/2 definitions]
Johnny-come-lately a latecomer to a certain place, viewpoint, or fashion.
landscape a stretch of scenery, usu. rural, that is visible from one viewpoint. [1/5 definitions]
neo-fascism any of various post-World War II political movements or doctrines that are similar in viewpoint to that of fascism.
parochial narrow or limited in scope or viewpoint; provincial. [1/2 definitions]
point of view a position or place from which one may view, consider, or appraise something; viewpoint; standpoint. [1/2 definitions]
polemic an emphatic statement of a controversial viewpoint, usually criticizing or refuting an existing position. [1/3 definitions]
polemicist one who expresses an extreme or controversial viewpoint. [1/2 definitions]
slant a bias, viewpoint, tone, or opinion that influences interpretation or presentation. [1/7 definitions]
synoptic (often cap.) presenting a subject from a similar, common viewpoint, as do the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. [1/2 definitions]
voice the authority or power to express a viewpoint. [1/11 definitions]
voiceless having no authority or power to express a viewpoint. [1/3 definitions]