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Asian flu a virulent strain of the influenza virus that probably spread from Asia; Asian influenza.
bacteriophage any virus that attacks and kills bacteria.
bug (informal) a virus or bacterium, esp. one that causes disease, or a disease caused by such a virus or bacterium. [1/8 definitions]
cowpox a skin disease in cattle, caused by a virus that is used to produce a vaccine against smallpox in humans.
filterable virus a virus capable of passing through bacteria-retaining filters and thus remaining infectious.
germ a microscopic organism, esp. a bacterium or virus that causes illness. [1/3 definitions]
HIV abbreviation of "human immunodeficiency virus," the retrovirus that causes AIDS by infecting and destroying T cells in the immune system.
influenza an acute, contagious disease in various forms, caused by a virus in humans and in some animals and characterized by inflammation of the respiratory tract, irritation of the stomach, and fever; flu.
inoculate to inject or otherwise infect (a person or animal) with a virus or microorganism, esp. in order to create immunity to a disease. [1/3 definitions]
interferon any of several proteins that are produced by a cell in response to a viral infection and that act to prevent reproduction of the virus.
measles (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a very contagious but short-lived disease, usu. affecting children, that is caused by a virus and accompanied by fever and an eruption of red spots on the skin. [1/2 definitions]
microorganism any microscopic life form such as a bacterium, protozoan, or virus.
pathogen any organism that causes disease, such as a bacterium or virus.
vaccine of or pertaining to cowpox or the virus that causes it. [1/3 definitions]
viral of, relating to, or caused by a virus.
virus see computer virus. [1/4 definitions]
wart a small round, usu. hard raised growth on the skin, often of the hands or feet, that is caused by a virus. [1/3 definitions]
yellow fever an infectious, often fatal disease of tropical climates caused by a virus spread by mosquitoes and characterized by jaundice, fever, vomiting, and hemorrhaging.