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bat2 any of various usu. night-flying mammals that have wings that are covered with membranes, and that sense objects mostly by means of reflected sound waves rather than by vision.
bifocal of eyeglasses or contact lenses, having two sections in each lens, one correcting for near vision and one for distant vision. [2/3 definitions]
bleary dim or blurred, as the eyes or vision. [1/3 definitions]
bleary-eyed having blurred vision, as from fatigue or tears. [1/2 definitions]
blinder (pl.) a set of flaps on a horse's bridle near the eyes, that prevent vision to the side. [1/2 definitions]
blindfold a bandage or cloth tied over the eyes to prevent vision. [1/4 definitions]
clearsighted having clear vision. [1/2 definitions]
contact lens a thin, usu. plastic lens, clear or tinted, that is worn over the cornea of the eye to correct imperfect vision or change the color of the eyes.
dazzle to dim or confuse the vision of, by blinding light. [2/6 definitions]
dream to have a dream or vision during sleep. [1/13 definitions]
eagle-eyed having extremely good vision; keen-sighted.
eye exam an examination and testing of the eyes' health and vision by an eye doctor or an optometrist, esp. one determining the type and strength of corrective lenses that are needed.
eyeful foreign matter in the eye that obscures vision. [1/3 definitions]
eyeglass (pl.) two glass or plastic lenses in a frame that has a bridge resting on the nose and extensions hooked around the ears, used to correct defective vision; glasses; spectacles. [2/4 definitions]
eyeshot the range of vision. (See earshot.)
eyesight the ability to see; vision. [1/2 definitions]
fovea centralis a small depression at the back of the retina, forming the most acute point of vision.
glass (pl.) a pair of lenses mounted in frames and worn to aid vision; eyeglasses. [1/5 definitions]
haze1 a collection in the air of very fine particles, as of mist, smoke, or dust, that partly obscures vision of distant objects. [1/2 definitions]
horizon the outer extent of vision, knowledge, ambition, opportunity, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
idealist an artist or writer who conveys an ideal vision of the world. [1/3 definitions]