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beret a soft, round, flat cap with a close-fitting headband and no visor, usu. made of felt or wool.
bill2 the visor forming part of a cap or hood. [1/3 definitions]
cap1 a soft, close-fitting head cover, often with a peak or visor but without a brim. [1/9 definitions]
kepi a cylindrical cap with a flat top and a short horizontal visor, traditionally worn by members of the French armed forces.
peak the protruding bill of a cap; visor. [1/7 definitions]
sallet a light medieval helmet with a pointed, projecting neck guard and often a visor.
shako a tall, stiff, cylinder-shaped military dress hat with a front visor and a plume.
visor to protect, cover, or provide with a visor. [1/4 definitions]
visorless combined form of visor.
vizor variant of visor.