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amble to walk at an easy, leisurely pace; stroll. [1/2 definitions]
ambulate to walk or move about from place to place.
ambulatory able to walk about. [1/5 definitions]
bounce to walk with a springy step. [1/10 definitions]
buggy1 (chiefly British) a light four-wheeled seat for transporting children that are too young to walk far; stroller. [1/3 definitions]
clomp to walk heavily and loudly; clump.
clop to make such a sound, or walk making such a sound. [1/2 definitions]
clump to walk with heavy, dull noises. [1/6 definitions]
constitutional a walk taken for one's health. [1/4 definitions]
crossing the point at which something can be crossed or traversed, such as a designated area for pedestrians to walk across a street; crosswalk. [1/3 definitions]
crutch a device used to help disabled people walk, usu. one of two supports that are held by the hands and that rest in the armpits. [1/3 definitions]
dawdle to walk slowly and aimlessly; linger along the way. [1/3 definitions]
duckwalk to walk while in a squatting position; waddle like a duck.
foot to walk or run on foot (usu. fol. by it). [2/10 definitions]
go-cart a small frame with casters in which children learn to walk. [1/4 definitions]
hike to take a long walk, esp. in the country or through rugged terrain, as for enjoyment, exercise, or training. [2/6 definitions]
hobble to walk awkwardly, unsteadily, or with difficulty; limp. [2/6 definitions]
honor guard a guard assigned to attend honorable persons or guests or to walk alongside the casket at a military funeral.
hoof (informal) to walk (usu. fol. by it). [1/5 definitions]
infant a child in the first months of life, esp. before he or she can walk. [1/3 definitions]
jaywalk to walk across a street illegally, as at an improper place or an improper time.