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agency shop an agreement, between an owner or manager and a union that requires employees who do not want to join the union to pay a fee. [1/2 definitions]
aspire to want strongly; have as an aim (usu. fol. by "to" "after," or an infinitive).
bum (informal) a poor, homeless person or one who does not want to work; tramp. [1/3 definitions]
covet to want intensely. [1/3 definitions]
desiderate to want, need, or long for.
desire to want or crave; yearn for. [1/6 definitions]
destitution utter poverty, or the extreme want of the necessities of life. [1/2 definitions]
hardship a condition of severe want, poverty, or suffering. [1/2 definitions]
hold on to hold an object for the support or safety of your body or because you do not want to lose it. [1/2 definitions]
Mecca (usu. l.c.) any place that many people visit or want to visit, or a goal that is sought by many. [1/2 definitions]
necessity need; want. [1/4 definitions]
need a state of want; poverty. [3/10 definitions]
poverty the condition of being poor or lacking the necessary means of support; indigence or want. [1/3 definitions]
security freedom from want or poverty. [1/7 definitions]
sufferance the capacity to endure or tolerate pain, want, or the like; endurance. [1/2 definitions]
wish to long for; desire; want. [2/9 definitions]
would like used as a tentative form of "want" in order to express a greater degree of politeness than "want" expresses or when the possibility of doing what one wants is not considered likely or certain.