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aquatint a type of etching that achieves the soft sweeping tones of a wash drawing or watercolor by careful control of the length of time acid is left on any given area of the etching plate.
bathe to give a bath to; wash. [1/6 definitions]
beachcomber a person who lives by finding and selling miscellaneous items that wash ashore or are discarded there. [1/2 definitions]
cabin cruiser a power-driven boat with a cabin so equipped that passengers can wash, cook, and sleep on board.
calcimine a white or light-colored wash containing zinc oxide, used to cover walls and ceilings. [1/2 definitions]
carwash a commercial establishment equipped to wash car exteriors and often to perform related services such as waxing and interior cleaning. [1/2 definitions]
clean up to wash or clean. [1/3 definitions]
deterge to cleanse, wash, or wipe off.
drip-dry not requiring ironing if hung while wet, and usu. drying quickly, as certain fabrics or garments; wash-and-wear. [1/2 definitions]
flush1 to wash out, clean, or empty with a swift gush or flow of water. [1/10 definitions]
hose to water, spray, soak, or wash with a hose (often fol. by down). [1/3 definitions]
irrigate to wash out or spray during a medical or dental procedure. [1/2 definitions]
lap3 to wash up on or slap against a surface with a gentle splash, as waves on a beach. [1/6 definitions]
launder to wash, or wash and iron (clothing, linens, or the like). [2/5 definitions]
lave to wash or bathe. [2 definitions]
pan to wash (gravel, sand, or the like) in a pan to remove gold or other precious metals. [2/6 definitions]
prewash combined form of wash.
rewash combined form of wash.
rinse to wash (soap, dirt, or the like) off something with water. [1/4 definitions]
slop (often pl.) liquid refuse, such as dirty wash water or the like. [1/9 definitions]
sluice to wash or rinse with a large quantity of water. [1/7 definitions]