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ferret a North American mammal that resembles a weasel and is related to the European ferret. [1/5 definitions]
ichneumon a carnivorous mongoose, native to Egypt, that resembles a weasel. [1/2 definitions]
marten any of several carnivorous weasel-like mammals of northern forests that hunt mostly in trees and have dark glossy fur. [1/2 definitions]
mink any of several small, carnivorous North American mammals that are related to the weasel, that have short legs, partly webbed feet, and a pointed snout, and that live near water. [1/3 definitions]
musteline of or concerning a large family of fur-bearing carnivores, including the weasel, mink, badger, and skunk.
otter any of several sleek aquatic or semi-aquatic mammals that are related to the mink and weasel, and that have webbed feet, a long, somewhat flattened tail, and thick, dark brown fur.
polecat a dark-furred carnivorous mammal of the weasel family found in Eurasia and northern Africa. [1/2 definitions]
sable a weasel-like mammal of the cold regions of Eurasia that has very dark, valuable fur. [1/6 definitions]
wolverine a carnivorous North American mammal related to the weasel, with dark, shaggy fur, white markings on the face and body, and a bushy tail.