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aloha in Hawaii, a welcome, hello, or good-bye. [2 definitions]
ave hail!; hello!; welcome! (used mainly in religious ceremony). [1/4 definitions]
glad hand (informal) a hearty but often insincere or hypocritical welcome, greeting, reception, or the like.
God-given very fitting or opportune; welcome; suitable. [1/2 definitions]
grateful beneficial or pleasing; welcome. [1/2 definitions]
hospitality the tendency or disposition to welcome guests or strangers warmly and generously. [1/3 definitions]
intrude to put, thrust, or force in or upon, esp. when not welcome or appropriate. [1/2 definitions]
invite to welcome or encourage. [1/5 definitions]
persona grata (Latin) a person who is acceptable or welcome, esp. a diplomat acceptable to the government to which he or she has been assigned.
put out the welcome mat to extend an enthusiastic and generous welcome.
red carpet any grand or ceremonious welcome. [1/2 definitions]
salute an act or instance of greeting or honoring with an expression of good will, welcome, or respect. [2/7 definitions]
shivaree to welcome or serenade with a shivaree. [1/2 definitions]
unwelcome combined form of welcome.
visiting fireman (informal) an important or influential person who is given a special welcome and entertained lavishly when visiting a city, organization, or the like. [1/2 definitions]