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best-known most well-known.
dictum a well-known saying; maxim. [1/3 definitions]
drawing card something or someone, such as a well-known entertainer, that attracts a large audience, patronage, or the like.
fantasia an arrangement of well-known musical themes with variations and embellishments. [1/2 definitions]
household word a well-known, commonly used word, phrase, name, or thing.
lesser-known less well-known.
name well-known; famous. [1/9 definitions]
name brand a product bearing a well-known trademark. [1/2 definitions]
Niccolò Machiavelli an Italian statesman and author, whose most well-known work is associated with the philosophy that "the ends justify the means" (b.1469--d.1527).
saying a well-known statement, esp. a proverb.
tune a song, especially one that is popular or well-known. [1/12 definitions]