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alcoholism a pathological condition resulting from habitual overuse of alcoholic beverages, characterized by dependence on alcohol, difficulty in functioning properly, and severe withdrawal symptoms when alcohol use is stopped.
bank account at a bank, the funds credited to a depositor and subject to withdrawal by him or her.
cold turkey (informal) abrupt and total withdrawal from using an addictive substance such as a drug or tobacco. [1/3 definitions]
interdict in the Roman Catholic Church, the withdrawal of sacraments and the right to a Christian burial as a means of censuring. [1/4 definitions]
ivory tower a position that is removed from practical concerns, or an attitude of withdrawal or aloofness.
melancholia a mental illness characterized by depression and withdrawal.
onanism in sexual intercourse, withdrawal of the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation; coitus interruptus. [1/2 definitions]
overdraft a check or withdrawal exceeding the available funds or credit in an account, or the act of making such a check or withdrawal. [1/2 definitions]
phase-out a gradual withdrawal or termination of operations, production, services, or the like.
psychosis serious mental disorder that affects all aspects of the personality and involves withdrawal from reality.
pullback the act of withdrawing or pulling back, esp. the prearranged, orderly withdrawal of military forces. [1/2 definitions]
pullout the act or process of withdrawing or pulling out, esp. the orderly, planned withdrawal of military troops. [1/3 definitions]
recession1 a receding or going back from a forward position or highest level; withdrawal. [1/3 definitions]
regress the act or condition of return or withdrawal. [1/2 definitions]
retraction a withdrawal or disavowal of an opinion, promise, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
retreat the withdrawal of a group for prayer, meditation, or study. [2/8 definitions]
schizoid pertaining to or having a personality disorder marked by passiveness, withdrawal, and indifference to social relationships. [1/3 definitions]