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admiration a feeling of wonder, awe, or deep respect. [1/2 definitions]
admire to observe with pleasure, wonder, and approval. [1/2 definitions]
agape1 open-mouthed in wonder or astonishment. [1/2 definitions]
amaze to astonish or overcome with wonder.
amazing causing wonder, great surprise, or astonishment.
astound to overcome with surprise, awe, or wonder; amaze.
astounding causing tremendous surprise or wonder; extremely amazing.
awe a very strong feeling of wonder, reverence, or fear, caused by something grand or powerful. [1/2 definitions]
awe-struck overpowered by a feeling of wonder, fear, or admiration.
breathtaking causing great wonder, excitement, or awe.
gape to stare in surprise, awe, or wonder, esp. with the mouth open. [1/5 definitions]
gee2 used as a mild exclamation of wonder or surprise.
golly used as an exclamation of mild surprise, wonder, puzzlement, or the like.
incredulous in a state of skepticism, wonder, or disbelief. [1/2 definitions]
lo look; behold (used to call attention or to express surprise or wonder).
open-eyed with the eyes open, esp. in amazement or wonder. [1/3 definitions]
portentous exciting fear or wonder; ominous or marvelous. [1/3 definitions]
prodigious inspiring wonder and admiration; marvelous. [1/2 definitions]
prodigy something that inspires wonder by being extraordinary. [1/2 definitions]
speculate to wonder or make a guess or guesses with respect to something. [2/5 definitions]
starry-eyed with the eyes shining or sparkling like stars, as in happiness or wonder. [1/2 definitions]