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angleworm a worm used as bait in fishing, esp. an earthworm.
caterpillar a butterfly or moth larva, resembling a worm and often brightly colored. [1/2 definitions]
Guinea worm a long thin parasitic nematode worm of tropical Africa and Asia that lives under the skin of humans and other mammals.
helminth a worm, esp. a parasitic intestinal worm.
hookworm a parasitic bloodsucking worm with hooks around its mouth with which it attaches itself to human and animal intestine walls. [1/2 definitions]
larva a newly hatched, wingless insect, often in the form of a worm, before it undergoes metamorphosis into its adult form. [1/2 definitions]
nematode an unsegmented, usu. parasitic worm having an elongated, cylindrical body; roundworm.
pantyhose a close-fitting, see-through, stretchable garment worm by women that covers the feet, legs, and lower torso.
pinworm a small parasitic nematode worm that infests the large intestine and rectum, esp. in children.
roundworm a worm with a long, cylindrical, unsegmented body that is a parasite in mammal intestines.
schistosomiasis a chronic, usu. tropical disease caused by an infestation of certain worm parasites, and producing disorders of the liver, bladder, lungs, or central nervous system.
sludgeworm a small freshwater worm that lives in sewage sludges or other muds that are low in oxygen but rich in organic matter.
trichina a tiny parasitic worm that causes trichinosis by residing, in the adult stage, in the intestines of its host animal and, during the larval stage, encysting the muscles.
vermi- worm.
vermiform shaped like a worm; long, slender, and sinuous.
vinegar eel a small nematode worm that feeds on organisms in unsterilized vinegar; vinegar worm.
woodworm a worm or insect larva that breeds in or bores into wood.
worm see computer worm. [1/11 definitions]
worm gear a worm wheel. [1/2 definitions]
wormhole a hole made by, or as by, a burrowing worm or insect.
worm wheel the gear wheel in a worm gear.