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anxiety a mental state characterized by uneasiness, distress, and worry; apprehension. [1/2 definitions]
anxious feeling uneasiness, worry, or dread. [1/3 definitions]
at ease without tension, worry, or discomfort; relaxed; comfortable. [1/2 definitions]
broody tending to brood or worry; moody. [1/2 definitions]
care anxiety or worry. [1/11 definitions]
carefree having no concerns or responsibility; without worry; lighthearted.
careworn showing the effects of prolonged worry.
concern worry or anxiety. [1/6 definitions]
cry over spilled milk to worry unduly about something that cannot be undone.
cry over spilt milk to worry unduly about something that cannot be undone.
disquiet to make anxious or uneasy; disturb; worry. [1/2 definitions]
distracted disturbed or agitated, as by worry. [1/2 definitions]
distress to cause stress or suffering in; worry or afflict. [1/4 definitions]
ease to release from pain, worry, or difficulty, or to lessen (such things as these). [1/10 definitions]
free released from burdens or worry (usu. fol. by of or from). [2/20 definitions]
fret1 to feel or express worry, concern, or annoyance. [1/8 definitions]
fretful inclined to worry anxiously, or to be irritable.
joke someone or something that is trifling or not worth one's worry or concern. [1/7 definitions]
on edge nervous or anxious; full of worry. [1/2 definitions]
overwrought disturbed by excessive worry or agitation. [1/3 definitions]
peace freedom from mental strife or worry. [1/6 definitions]