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bind to wrap or cover, as a wound. [1/13 definitions]
enrobe to dress or to wrap, esp. in or as if in a robe.
enshroud to cover or wrap; shroud.
envelop to cover, wrap, enclose, or surround.
fold1 to bend, twine, or wrap (usu. fol. by about, around, or the like). [2/16 definitions]
gift-wrap to wrap (something) with decorative ribbons and paper for a gift. [2 definitions]
lap2 to wrap or wind around something. [1/10 definitions]
muffle to wrap or cover, as for warmth, protection, or privacy (often fol. by up). [2/5 definitions]
paper to cover or wrap with paper. [1/12 definitions]
poncho a wrap resembling a blanket with a hole in the center for the head. [1/2 definitions]
prepackage to wrap or pack (goods) in advance before distribution for retail sale.
prewrap combined form of wrap.
rewrap combined form of wrap.
roll to wrap; envelope. [1/32 definitions]
scarf1 to decorate or wrap with a scarf or other loose covering. [1/2 definitions]
sheet1 to wrap in, supply with, or cover with a sheet. [1/6 definitions]
shroud a wrap for a corpse; winding sheet. [1/6 definitions]
swaddle to wrap (an infant) tightly in cloths or blankets. [2/3 definitions]
swathe to wrap up, enfold, or bind, esp. with a wrapping material or bands. [2/4 definitions]
tetherball a game, usu. played by two people, in which a ball suspended by a cord from a post is hit with the hand or a paddle, the object being to wrap the cord fully around the post.
twine to wrap, twist, or wind around or about something. [2/9 definitions]