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a1 A is the first letter of the English alphabet. We also write it as a. The English alphabet has 26 letters, but every letter has a large size and a small size. We call each letter by the same name, but we often write the large letter and the small letter a little differently. [1/6 definitions]
add to say or write beyond what has already been said or written. [1/6 definitions]
address to write the details of location on, for delivery. [1/9 definitions]
angle1 to write in a manner that will appeal to a specific audience. [1/10 definitions]
apostrophize to speak or write as an address to a usu. absent person or personified object or idea. [1/2 definitions]
Arabic designating, pertaining to, or in the script used to write the Semitic language of the Arabs, or Persian, Urdu, and other languages. [1/3 definitions]
blog to write in or add to a blog. [1/2 definitions]
bounce to write (a check or draft) on insufficient funds. [1/10 definitions]
Braille (often l.c.) to write or print using Braille characters. [1/2 definitions]
cap2 to print or write in capital letters. [1/3 definitions]
capitalize to write or print (something) using capital letters or using a capital letter as the initial letter. [1/4 definitions]
chalk to write down or portray in a drawing with chalk. [1/6 definitions]
cipher to write (a message) in code. [1/7 definitions]
coauthor to write jointly with one or more other writers. [1/2 definitions]
comment to write a note of criticism or explanation about a text. [1/8 definitions]
cowrite combined form of write.
critic a person whose work is to write evaluations of literary, artistic, or other cultural works. [1/3 definitions]
date1 to write or print the date on (a letter or other document). [1/11 definitions]
declaim to speak or write for rhetorical impact, without logic or sincerity. [1/4 definitions]
deprecate to speak or write forcefully against. [1/2 definitions]
dictation the speaking or reading of words for a person to write down or a machine to record. [1/3 definitions]