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cockpit a low, open area near the stern of a yacht or other decked boat, providing space for the person steering, the crew, and usu. passengers. [1/3 definitions]
commodore a title of courtesy given to the senior captain of a merchant fleet or to the president of a yacht club. [1/2 definitions]
spinnaker a large, triangular, usu. brightly colored or striped sail set on a long spar and swung out opposite the mainsail when the wind is coming from behind the boat, used esp. in sailboat and yacht racing.
yacht to sail, cruise, or race in a yacht. [1/2 definitions]
yachting the act, practice, or sport of sailing, cruising, or racing in a yacht.
yachtsman a man who owns or navigates a yacht.
yachtswoman a woman who owns or navigates a yacht.